Thursday, June 28, 2007

Worst Blogger EVER!

Yup, that's me. SOOOO busy. No, fer real. My old version of busy has now lost all meaning. I am bone-crushing-exhausted busy. Fully into the new rep job. This job has WAY more accountability than my last job, which on one hand is a good thing, but MAN it keeps me humpin'! The grass never really is COMPLETELY greener on the other side, is it? The good news is that I get to work with my favorite specialty again, and the products are very well received. So...yeah. The corporate office seems to have a bit of a Big Brother stench about it, but at least it keeps me a bit more honest than my last gig.

What adds to the challenge is that my friend and I are now business partners and we are opening a brand-spanking new business together this fall. I'll go into more detail later, but it is a kid-focused business and so far our market research leads us to believe we could be on to something very successful. Which....YEA! It's exciting, but such hard work.

It amazes me that so many people become entrepreneurs. I wonder how many folks start looking into the work that goes into doing this and run away screaming. From finding locations, dealing with really bad realtors, negotiating contracts, getting logos & signs made, market research, codes, licenses, zoning, merchandise, finding contractors, pre-promotions, public relations, web site writing, brochure writing, business planning and formatting, budgeting, the whole thing is a pretty amazing process.

My partner and I bring totally different skill sets to the project, which is a great thing. I am more in a sales and marketing role, and my partner has much more experience in the actual field that our business is a part of. Did that make one lick of sense?

This whole kit-n-kaboodle is part of my 5 year plan (which I secretly hope is a 2 or 3 year plan). I really want to leave corporate america in the dust and work for myself. I have learned that I am not lazy (as I formerly suspected) when I am truly motivated by the work that I am doing. This is the first time ever I have had a passionate interest in busting my tail. So, I THINK that means I am on my right path. Geeeez, I hope so! So far, my partner and I agree that the power of positive thinking (and actions) has been conspiring to aid our efforts and has been really paying off. Call it what you will, when you think in positive terms, you are rewarded with successful results.

I will promise to TRY to be better with the updates...the key word being "try". Think positive thoughts for me!

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