Monday, January 22, 2007


Do I have them? Is it something I said? Do you ever get the feeling you're giving off a bad vibe that makes people avoid you? Is it astrological alignment? Karma? Paranoia? I'm sure most would agree with the latter.

It's just that, lately, I'll call someone and they miss the call, or I'll send out an e-mail...and never get a reply. I do know it's not all about me, but when one incident turns into ten, it makes you wonder. Bad vooboo juice. This weirdness is popping in both my personal and professional life. My paranoia also stems from my apparent lack of appeal as a job candidate. I will say there is a big influx of qualified job candidates that are in the market right now, but I honestly feel as though I have been put on some "black-balled" list. Either I never hear anything from a company I am TOTALLY qualified for, or I land an interview and then am blown off in the most unprofessional manner ever. I may have to break down and talk to an image consultant if this trend doesn't turn around!

Truth be told, I'm not 100% down on MYSELF due to recent events, because I do firmly believe in "right place, right time" stuff. I know that I am a well qualified individual for the positions that I seek, and if there is not an interest on their part, that is their problem and not so much mine (except that I don't get a new gig!). Obviously, I am better off in the long run. It's just mystifying. I have another interview next week. We'll see if any feelings are mutual (again). Fortunately, I'm in a decent place now and I can afford to be picky. But if this job market trend continues, I'm afraid I'll go from picky to desperate in the blink of an eye.

I'll be in my happy place if you need me.

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