Monday, August 21, 2006


At a large sporting goods store this afternoon near the knife section:

Guy 1: "Dude, NOBODY messes with you when you have a machete!"

Guy 2 & 3: (actually in unison) "Except...THE POLICE!"

Guy 1: "Well, if it's concealed...." trails off


...I am not. But I have been getting a chance to flex my creative muscles once again. Last weekend I faux finished my entire living room. It needed a little jazzing up. It also inspired me to add a bit to my decor. I moved some things up from the basement and bought a few new items at Restoration Hardware and Hobby Lobby. Because the Fab Five say so, I am de-ficus-ing my house. I like it!

While I was wandering around a home decor store, I ran across a piece of art that caught my eye. After examining it for a moment, I thought "I could do that". As it is not a one step process, I am not done yet. I have no earthly idea how it will come out. I'll let ya know!

It is also kid's room mural time again! A couple years ago I did a bold cartoony flower garden in my daughter's room and it turned out pretty well. Our neighbors, who have two boys, are adopting their 8 year old niece, whose mother is terminal and not expected to make it more than a few more weeks. The girl is a BIG TIME tomboy, so I had to carefully pick her brain for what kind of room she might like. First we settled on primary colors and a smiley face theme. The next day (after I found all the bedding and decor online) she announced that the previous plan was scrapped and now she wanted a Lions on the Savannah theme. Final answer? Yep. I've never done anything like that before, but I feel pretty confident about it. We'll have a whole family of lions around the room, complete with an African tree in one corner and up onto the ceiling, and a glowing sunset against the opposite wall. Wish me luck! I also found the CUTEST bedding that goes with my theme. I'll try to put some pix of the room up when I'm done.

She's very excited about the room, as she has always lived in an apartment. I'm just happy I can make her transition during this really rough time a tiny bit more pleasant.

Well, I'd better go hop in the shower. I wouldn't want to be late for my super-important lunch with a bunch of doctor's who couldn't care any less!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fryin' Eggs

It is SO flippin' hot outside right now I could just keel over. The bad news is, with all this "work" I have to do now, I have no choice but to be out schlepping around in it! Ick.

Last weekend I had a nice girls trip to the lake. This one was only for the big girls, though. We enjoyed a free-wheeling weekend of drunken debauchery (within reason, natch). Since it is not possible for me to leave town without some ailment or another, the lucky cootie this weekend was something that ACTED like Strep throat, but didn't respond to medication. Awesome. I had big oozy white spots on my tonsils and it felt like I was swallowing razor blades. The GOOD news is that enough painkillers paired with alcohol really DOES make you forget your troubles! Among those troubles being your abused, squishy liver of course. It is finally clearing up today...thank God!

The first day of school is just around the corner. My daughter is excited to begin first grade, but I'm sure she'll miss summer camp, too. On Monday she swam far enough to earn her "12 foot bracelet", which means she can jump off of the diving board and use the water slide. What a little fish! Last night her camp had an assembly, where we were entertained by a little skit done by the 5 and 6 year old groups. They also handed out awards to some of the kids, and my daughter landed the "Most Athletic Girl" award for her age group. Yeah! Soooo much better than "Best Camper" or "Most Fashionable"! She's been making all kinds of strides this summer, well on her way to becoming a really good kid. We're so proud! Now if we can only control her smart lip, she'll really be a dream come true!

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