Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ford 500-1, Deer-0

My new car is like Christine. It has a mind of it's own and it has been DYING to be wrecked! It finally managed to achieve it's goal when the baby and I were on our way back from the pool this afternoon. A deer jumped out directly into the path of my car and, well....you know the rest. I stopped & checked into the woods for the deer. It was badly injured and within 10 minutes, it was dead. I was there for over 10 minutes because I was waiting for my husband to show up with his gun. He didn't need to use it.

We live in an area surrounded by woods, so we get all of the critters that come with them. My husband hit & killed a deer when I was pregnant with my daughter. When he hit it, it bounced off of the passenger side window, right in front of me. It made me cry.

The traffic on the Rainbow Bridge near our house is getting a bit heavy. My daughter's fish, Ariel, managed to once and for all pick off Sleeping Beauty III, but now Areil's karma is coming back to bit her in the tail fins. The fin rot that got Sleeping Beauty now has Ariel in it's grips. The tank additives are not working. Man, do I ever feel an "I told ya so" coming on. I told my husband this whole fish business was baaaaad news.

My proudest moment this weekend was when I decided I had had it once and for all with the craziness of my kitchen pantry. I cleaned it out! Yeah! For some reason I had, like, 5 opened boxes of graham crackers. I really don't even eat graham crackers that often. Go figure. Have a lovely week!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ragin' River

Ahhhhhh, summer. It's hot. Really freakin' hot. I am in Texas right now. Seguin, TX to be exact! I had a meeting in Texas, so I figured I'd use my "free" air fare to have some fun! I flew my daughter here (her first solo flight...she did great!) and we've been playing at the Schlitterbahn for the past two days. On day two we clued in to what everyone else already knew: bring a cooler with your own food & drinks. One trip to Walgreens and a $5.99 cooler later, we had a lovely picnic today & saved ourselves from having another overpriced undercooked greasy lunch. Hmmmm...I just took a look at the map on the waterpark's web site and I see that even over two days, we somehow managed to totally miss a big chunk of what looks to be a really fun area of the park. Darn. Better not say anything to little missy.

We stayed at a La Quinta and rented an Economy car (the nicest one I've had to date) and we've been having a Thelma and Louise kinda weekend (except without the alcohol, assault, firearms and suicide. You know what I mean! A girls trip!)

My daughter did pretty good, although she acted like a big chicken-shit before each and every attraction. It took her about a day and a half (out of two) to lighten up a bit. The only other bummer was the severe chemical burn I got in my eyes from the SPF 50 I slathered all over my face the first day. It was so bad that I couldn't open my eyes, focus or stop the tears from streaming down my face...for about 30-45 minutes. I had a lady ask me if I was OK. Well, not really but whatayagonna do? I finally bought some Visine, donned my shades, took two Aleve and relaxed for a bit. Oddly enough, there's very little on the internet about this problem. Some places refer to sunscreen "stinging" your eyes, but that doesn't even BEGIN to describe my issue yesterday.

ANYWAY, last night was delightful. We drove to the RiverWalk and had a nice dinner along the water, and then saw a lovely culturally rich singing and dancing show right on the water put on by a local troupe. It was really quite entertaining! We were going to go back there tonight, but we were both so tired from today, we settled for pizza and the hotel pool instead. Thank goodness!

Back home tomorrow and back to the old grind. Work is SUPER BUSY! Luckily for me, I'll have wonderful memories of our mother/daughter weekend to carry me through until the next one!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


So I got my new company car the other day. It's nice! The brake is a bit touchy though. Thank God. I was toodling down the highway a couple days ago (going about 55 mph), fiddling with my dash board when all of a sudden I look up and the car in front of me is at a DEAD STOP. I locked it up and jerked the wheel. Fortunately I was in the right lane. Not only did I manage to miss the car, but I was also able to correct in time to miss the guard rail as well. In my wildest dreams I have no idea how I missed that car. I did learn two things, though. 1) I am an idiot. 2) I have cat-like reflexes.

Here's where the weird part comes in. In my mind I totally SAW myself hit that car. I heard metal rend and saw cars crumple. When I came to a stop on the shoulder, I was a bit baffled. My brain was trying to piece together what happened. I WRECKED! And yet, I didn't. And no, I've never done acid. Another odd aspect to this event was that I really didn't tense up. I would fully expect to be wearing my shoulders up around my ears for AT LEAST a week after a near miss like that. So to say the least, I'm intrigued by what happened last week. Deepak Chopra would say that there's no such thing as a figment of your imagination and that there are no coincidences.

The jury's still out for me.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


My husband says "Didn't you hear me screaming like a little girl out there? I was all.."no". When really I was thinking "again?" He was out front sitting on a the porch bouncing a ball, watching our daughter in the kiddie pool....when ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!!!!!!.....he was stung in BOTH legs by wasps. That's gonna leave a mark.

We discovered a HUGE wasp's nest right underneath the chair on our front porch. My husband knocked it down, sprayed it, and then stepped in it. He STEPPED on it. It was at that moment that a TORRENT of wasp goo shot forth onto the front porch. Eggs, larvae, Queen..you name it. Geeeee-rossse.

Later that afternoon my husband trots off to work with instructions to go to Home Depot or "somewhere" and buy several cans of bug spray.

I spent the rest of the day dodging VERY mad wasps learning their home was GONE. I got about 5 or 6, but I'm not sure the war is over. These guys are not among the "oh, well" variety. Oh, no. It can't be THAT easy.

I started this post like 9 days ago and am just now getting back to it. SINCE the aforementioned incident, I have received my wasp traps and so far....nothing. I may have the wrong kind of bait in them, but I haven't caught one damn wasp in 4 days!

The good news is that it actually looks kind of nice hanging on my front porch, so there's that.

Anyway, back to doing all my cheesy "prep" work before my manager comes into town tomorrow. I just COULDN'T be more excited. The little game I'll be playing with myself is called "See how long it takes her to say something about the raise they promised me and then reneged on". I'll give her about 2 hours.

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