Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

This just in! VH1's "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels...is....AWESOME! It's everything you could ever want in a show you don't want to admit you watch! Rock Star! Puking! Catfights! Slutty strippers! Crazy bitches! Oh, I could go on. It comes on right after "Best Week Ever" which may very well be the best show ever! Well...maybe not the BEST, but pretty damn good. Since my life has become so busy, I have to admit I've had to scale way back on the TV watching...but I'll make time for my guilty pleasures.

My new business is moving along quite nicely! We hope to sign a three year lease next week. SCARY! But it's not like anyone ever succeeded in their own business by waiting for someone else make it happen. Soooo..it's me. Yeah. So far things are moving very smoothly and it's more clear than ever that my business partner and I are a great pair for this project.

My husband and I made an attempt to open a martini bar a little over a year ago. We did loads of research, met with every vendor known to man and even signed a lease...but never gave it back to the landlord. At the exact same time, our son got sick and was in the hospital for seven days. It was like the Universe bonking you on the head going "Hey, dummies! Wrong concept...wrong time in your lives!" So we listened. In retrospect, thank god! It wasn't by any means a waste of time, though. All of our hard work on that project was like a dress rehearsal for our new business. We gained so much insight into the inner-workings of the commercial business world with our original project, that we were well-armed when the real business idea rolled around. Funny how the Universe helps you out, huh?

After we get our lease signed I will give ya'll a break down of the new business. We hope to be open late Fall this year. If everything goes according to my Master Plan...within a year or two, I'll have to re-name my blog and kiss "pharm" goodbye forever!! Wish me luck!

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