Friday, March 19, 2004

Any day now!

Despite my best intentions, I still have not shopped for a Palm Pilot. Perhaps today. I really, really think it would help me out. What's my damn problem? I fear change. Maybe that's it. Note to self: quit being such a raging slacker and GIT 'ER DONE!

I was telling a friend today about a really nice picture I found at an antique store that would look good in my main upstairs hall, but I have been balking because they want $250 for it. While I am a good negotiator, I'm not even sure I could pay $175 for it. I am cheap. Period.

She suggested I paint a picture for that wall myself. Why this hadn't previously occured to me, I do not know. My sister actually has canvases and acrylic just waiting for us to play with, but we never have. I think the suggestion was a good one, and I am going to try my hand at it. I have not painted on canvas since, oh, I don't know...high school? I feel confident, though. My artistic ability is occasionally expressed with my home decor projects, namely a wide variety of faux finishing techinques that, thankfully, always come out with great results, even though I wing something different every time. I think I need to move to the next step and just start producing works of "art". I'll let ya know how it goes.

Up until now, my only artistic outlet has been the occasional trip the the ceramics store to make some worthless holiday foo. I went to a new place last time and when it was all said and done, I ended up spending, like, $55 bucks for something that would have cost me $20 already painted in the store. I had to make 3 or 4 visits to finish it as it was quite detailed. Then they globbed WAY too much glaze on it & more or less ruined it. Won't be back there any time soon. Time to move on to big girl art. Maybe I can go to my sister's to paint next week. Brushes ready!

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