Monday, March 15, 2004

A curse or a blessing?

Well, another Monday comes...and goes. Heavy rain makes me want to spend the morning cleaning mud from underneath all the dog's toenails, and curling up with them all day inside. Heavy napping going on. Rain always makes for an "office day", so I can kick back with the "kids" with only a little guilt.

So many projects around the house and yet I find myself not doing a single one of them! I can, at least, catch up on my reading. There ya go! I guess I didn't do "nothing" after all!

My goal this week is to begin to investigate Palm Pilots. I have severe organizational deficiencies and have vowed to take steps to get my act together. It's no fun going around all the time wondering if you're supposed to be someplace else. And of course ACTUALLY missing appointments has a whole new twist. My sister uses one and makes it look easy. We'll see. If I buy one and don't lose it in the first week, that will be a triumph all in it's own!

I'm excited about the prospect of being able to put my entire life's information into one "easy-to-use" instrument that I can carry around.

Well, since I am typing this during one of my company's infamous and unneccesary conference calls, perhaps I'll get back to it.

Next time: Palm Pilots....a curse or a blessing?

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