Friday, March 26, 2004

*Extra* Critter Update!

I found an ancient orange in my fridge the other day & cut it up into pieces and put them at the base of my racoon's tree.

That musta been one happy 'coon! Those orange peels were stripped bare when I went in the woods to check today. Since I often "forget" about fruit in the fridge I now have an alternative to the garbage disposal!

I told my next door neighbor about the racoon, and he said "Oh, yeah. He comes up onto my deck and eats out of the bird feeder, plus he teases the dogs through the glass door. I was thinking about poisoning him." I think my look of disapproval may have changed his mind. His dogs are (annoying, yippy) miniature dachsunds...not a big threat to the giant racoon.

But, at least we know he ain't dumb! My bird feeder, which is in the line of site of the racoon's house, is still for the birds.

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