Monday, March 22, 2004

Far from home

OK, so this weekend we decided it would be SO much fun to go to the "Home Show". We used to go when we were kids and I remember it being SO much fun. What happened? It was totally lame, ESPECIALLY for a kid! My daughter dragged around as though she were being tortured, and frankly, I can't blame her! It was like a giant, expo-center sized infomercial! When I was a kid I seem to remember more fun give-aways and "attraction" type things.
The only cool thing they had was a brick-laying guild's demo, with several guys building mini brick walls. Or maybe I'm just easily amused...

Either way, I think I'll save my money next year and just go to the "Home Depot Expo Center" if I want home ideas. That place borders on evil. They have SO much cool stuff, that I may as well sign over the balance of my credit card upon entry. They have ridiculously neat stuff. I need to make a trip there now, actually. I am getting ready to go spend WAY too much money on lawn furniture for my soon-to-be backyard Paradise. I have a large, lovely backyard, except it is on a massive slope, rendering it useless for any kind of recreation. Plus, having 2 large dogs (and one tiny one) tears the crap out of it. SO....we are building a large deck smack dab in the center of the yard, buying a chimenea, putting a canvas-topped gazebo and lots of plants & nice furniture. I will now have a reason to go into the backyard! Yeah! I am really looking forward to this project. As we do entertain quite a bit, this will allow the ruckus to spill into the backyard much more effectively now!

I am hoping this will be our last "improvement" project for awhile. If not, we may have get in line for the poor house. Even do-it-yourself stuff costs a bleeding fortune. With no "project" I may have to rent my husband out to others. He seriously will not be able to sit still for very long with nothing to do. It's almost funny. Give ME two free hours on the weekend, and you'll most likely find me in bed reading. Give HIM two hours and he has completely refurbished all of the front flower beds. Crazy. Must be nice to have that kind of motivation. At least ONE of us has it!

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