Friday, March 19, 2004

Hola Amigos! (memories from last year's trip)

Back from paradise! Boy, there sure is a lot of mexican food in.....Mexico. We actually sought out a Pizza Hut on the last day. Fresh guacamole is GREAT...for the first 4 days!

Cozumel is a big party town. Cruise ships were docking right by our place, so there were floods of oldsters & Spring Breakers alike coming in daily. If you're looking for the flavor of Old Mexico, skip Cozumel, as it is one giant tourist trap. You can't walk 2 feet without getting hassled to buy something. Even the restaurants are trying to pull you in!

That said, the weather was phenomenal, the ocean a stunning azure & the diving was pretty good. We dove 7 times while we were there, with some of the highlights including a very cool cave-like swim-thru, GIANT warm water lobsters, a couple hawks-billed sea turtles, an ENORMOUS green moray eel ( 7 ft. long?), a nurse shark & very pretty, bright fish.

The diving highlight was when we decided to put anxiety aside & do a night-time dive. Everyone (there were 6 of us total) has a very powerful light & my husband & I each had a small flashing light attached to the backs of our tanks, so we could easily spot each other. Once under the water, the anxiety slipped away & it turned out to be a very calm, peaceful experience. There are nocturnal creatures you will never see during the day. We saw 3 octopus, some white sea snakes, a tiny sting ray (all of which we kind of hassled...) a cuttlefish & a GIANT pufferfish that the dive master managed to get a hold of & piss off, so it puffed up REALLY big....some jelly fish (one of which I accidentally put my hand into....not poison, though...whew!) more lobsters, some really evil-looking horseshoe-crab looking things,& a big spotted eel. There are also these big, fleshy looking squishy appendages that stick out from underneath rocks. They are aptly named "tiger-tails", but they are actually a giant, ancient type of blind worm also known as a hag fish. After a bit, we all settled on the bottom & turned our lights off. There are plankton in the water that glow green. Very neat.

The only bad thing that happened on our trip is that we are pretty sure we lost our camera, so no pictures of our trip. :(

The baby missed us & we're glad to be home.....back to the grind.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

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