Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's a Miracle!

Wow! Yesterday I actually DID stuff! We moved our office into a newly built nook in the basement and I actually sat patiently and went through stack after stack of papers. I discarded, I filed, I put away. Amazing! Probably sounds like no big deal to most, but as I have mentioned before, I have severe organizational issues. For me to have a paper-free desk is nothing short of astonishing. I sat and made file folders for every conceivable piece of work foo that might come my way. What? No more frantic rifling through stacks when I need a memo? Well, OK, I won't REALLY miss it. I have vowed to allow myself to stack for ONE WEEK. Then, that stack must be dealt with.

The "old" office upstairs is now a big playroom. The bigger kids get, the bigger the toys get & the whole house was starting to look like a daycare. Now we just have one big toy wonderland upstairs, and My Little Pony's brushes and crowns will no longer be ambushing my bare feet in the carpet.

Now the only question that remains hanging is whether or not we can extract enough dog urine from the playroom carpet to meet with our satisfaction. Before we moved the office downstairs, the cat box was in the office closet. Our Pomeranian, whom we adopted bad habits & all, decided that he should have every right to pee near the cat box too, namely on the book shelf nearby. Many a morning I would find a new spot and resist the urge to turn him inside out. I guess I can't really blame myself. I saved him from a shelter & lord only knows what happened to him before I got to him. He also pees on the floor if you bend down over him to pet or pick him up. He peed on the jeans of a friend's new girlfriend the other night when they were over for dinner. Uh....sorry 'bout that.

The last thing I want to do is replace the carpet. Even the cheap stuff ain't cheap! Perhaps a well-placed jug of Nature's Miracle before the carpet guy comes will do the trick. If not, I hear you can get some nice throw rugs. Maybe while I'm at Expo...

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