Wednesday, March 31, 2004

One of THOSE parents!

Uh, oh. I think I may be turning into one of "those" parents. I've spent the last three days driving around and surfing the net for do-dads for my daughter's fourth birthday party. I am beginning to wonder if I'm headed for "over the top". I, personally, like to chalk up some of these plans to creativity, but on certain occasions when I entertain, or get into a specific project, I can become hyperfocused and think of nothing else until I feel satisfied with the results.

Don't get me wrong, a few balloons, some cake, ice cream and presents would probably thrill her to death, but once she announced she wanted a Princess Party, I took the ball and ran with it. I just came up with all kinds of fun ideas for a Princess Wonderland birthday.

Now MY intentions are good. I just want my only child to have a wonderful birthday, but now I wonder if I'm "starting something". Even though we're NOT having pony rides and clowns (who DOES that to their kids!?) we are planning quite a bit more than what we did last year. I worry that I might be setting a precedent that may give competitive parents something to try to "live up to". I know none of my close friends buy into any of that business, but this is the first year we are inviting some of her preschool friends. Of course, there's always a chance it will rain cats & dogs (it IS April!) and the whole thing will be a massive bust. But if everything goes according to my Master Plan, it should at the very least be a nice party.

I guess when it's all said and done, I can't worry about what other people think...ESPECIALLY people I really don't know. I don't really make a great first impression anyway, so why kill myself to please people that I may never see again.

I know Her Highness will be happy with the gala, and when it comes right down to it...that's what it's all about, and she's the only one who needs to be impressed!

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