Friday, March 26, 2004

What the...!?!

Remember me? One disorganized one? Well, I've taken it extremes this week by more or less running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Man, I would get SO much done if I had a plan and could STICK TO IT! I wander around like a crow spying shiny things out of the corner of my eye. But the shiny things are EVERYWHERE! Make it stop! Still no Palm Pilot, although my husband got a magazine offer that includes a free PDA with your subscription. I'm sure it's sucktacular, but, hey, it's FREE! Or, perhaps it's just a convenient excuse to not go buy one! Who knows?

Enough about THAT daily frustration. Anyway, YEAH! My sister & I actually managed to get our acts together enough to plan our painting get-together tonight. I need to make a Hobby Lobby run. Is it just the excess of shiny things, or is it extra-easy to get caught up in that store for, like, an hour when you just went in for one thing. Hey! I just had a revelation! THAT'S why it's SO hard to locate stuff in that store! It forces you to wander around and see ALL of the pretties! And I MUST have them! Wicked, those Hobby Lobby people....and they close on Sunday to observe the Sabbath *snort*.

I hate it when I recognize that I have fallen victim to a common marketing ploy. Having been in marketing and advertising for over 7 years, I like to pride myself on spotting that stuff a mile away. Sometimes those clever snake oil salesman still manage to pull one over on me. Argh.

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