Sunday, April 25, 2004

And so ends the birthday madness...

Why do I EVER host events? It makes me crazy, but I think I am actually getting it down to a science.

Saturday was my daughter's 4th birthday party. It was a princess party. 11 princesses and 4 princes. (Yes, that's right: Fifteen 4-year olds!)

Friday night I spent the late evening blowing up party balloons & putting up crepe paper in the kitchen & living room. I got a little nuts with the stuff. My husband walked in & just started laughing. So I said "OK, maybe I went a bit overboard", to which he replied "Oh, really? What was your first clue?". Ha, ha. I took about four hours out of my day on Friday to create a Disney Princess Castle cake (found a super-cool kit on Ebay!). I am not a cake decorator, but I bought the Wilton bags & tints & tools & pretty much winged it. I'd say for a complete amateur, it came out pretty darn cute. My daughter was thrilled & that was the whole goal.

The kicker was Mother Nature. Weekly forecast: Sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, Saturday? 80% chance of THUNDERSTORMS, on and off. Why care? The giant princess bouncy castle I rented. I talked to the purveyors about 4 times between Friday night & Saturday morning. Should we or shouldn't we? Finally, I said "screw it", let's go for it.

On a side note, let me say mention that the guys were an HOUR late to set the thing up! When I say an hour late, I mean an hour after the party started. There were plenty of phone calls during this period, mind you. First and foremost, I wanted to know what my adjusted cost was going to be due to their "violation of our agreement". I got a whole $25 bucks off. Better than a sharp stick to the eye I suppose.

So anyway, when it finally came, it was lightly sprinkling. Just enough to make the floor of the thing feel as though it had been Crisco-coated. (picture 4-year old melons knocking off of one another). So we had a cake & present break, during which my tireless husband went out there with about 8 beach towels & dried the thing out on his hands & knees. God love him. Then we issued socks to everyone to reduce slippage. Finally! No rain! Success! The kids bounced for about 45 minutes, then all the random invitees left, and our core group stayed & played longer, during which time all of the adults had their turn. (On another side note, what is it about jumping on that thing that challenges the bladder muscles so?). It was great fun, and we were very relieved that our only planned activity finally came off without another hitch.

Next year: Burger King playland? Maybe not, but at least we'll have the photos of the Grand 4th Birthday event to reflect on for years to come.

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