Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Sorry about my extended absence, folks. I've got A COLD. A big 'un, too. There I was, all extra-smug because my husband had been fighting HIS for 2 weeks, and there I was...the picture of health! I gloated too soon. Damnit.

Here's the deal: I get sick ALL THE TIME. And it's not fair. I eat right, I take supplements, I work out. I don't lick public doorknobs. Seriously, what the...?

Some of my friends like to incorrectly label me a "hypochondriac". As if I can conjure up the gallons of snot oozing from my head! And it really ticks me off, because "hypochondriac" implies that I'm making it up! Oh, ya got me! There's nothing I love more than the LOADS of attention that is heaped on me when I have yet another cold! Put ME out! I'M on fire! C'mon, people. I'm not asking for much. Just don't call me a damn liar, for God's sake!

Anyway...this lovely bug has kept me out of the gym for almost an entire week, which sets me back two weeks. I have a cruise coming up in five weeks so I've really been trying to hit it hard. Oh, well.

I even downed an entire bottle of Sambucol Immune Booster trying to kill this thing before it started. Bye, $15!

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