Monday, April 12, 2004


Oh, sorry. That's how the title comes out when your mouth is jammed with Easter chocolate. Ok...these holidays are killing me! I'm just grateful for the nice, long pause between Christmas and Easter. My insulin levels were almost back to normal!

I guess this is where I mention I have a raging sweet tooth. Chips? Nuts? Eh. They're OK, but I can easily pass them up. Sweets sitting there staring me in the face? Fuggedaboudit! Doesn't really matter what kind. Cookies...cake...candy...ice cream. Love 'em all. Maybe THAT'S why I was a chubby kid! Actually, I think it was because I WAS chubby, that I was not allowed lots of treats as a kid and that developed an unhealthy yearning to jam sweets into my mouth until I choke. My mother would buy things like Twinkies and say they were really only from my sister because she was so "skinny" and I really shouldn't eat those things. Hello eating disorder! No, I didn't develop one, but my relationship with food has always been a tenuous one. I reigned it into control, more or less.

In general, I eat very healthy. Fast food, maybe once every 3 or 4 months (not counting sub shops), I DO NOT buy the above mentioned treats to have at my house. I grill chicken, steam vegetables & drink wonderful protein shakes. I work out alot. Why am I not a rail, you may ask? Because of the evil HOLIDAYS! I can "not buy" that stuff forever, but when it is put in front of me...I just can't resist! Just recently I kicked up my workout routine & cleaned up my diet even more in anticipation of my upcoming vacation. Then The Cold hits. No gym for a week+, and eating? Well, whatever. Then Easter comes sliding in to deliver the final blow. Just when I was starting to slowly see the results of my clean-up act, I'm back to square one. Annoying.

I still have four weeks left before go-time, so I feel like I can easily & safely plan on saying goodbye to about 5-8 lbs. It will make me feel better on va-cay, anyhow. Let's see...what's next? Spring! The official "no sugar-swapping holiday zone!" Yippeee!

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