Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Final Countdown!!!

Only about two weeks left before the "big day!" And when I say big day, I do mean VACATION! There, I said it. There are only about eleventy billion things left to stress me out between now then.

First, my boss decides he needs to come into town & work with me the week before our company sales meeting. Yay. I mean, he's a nice guy & all, but the week before I travel, I usually have a zillion things to do. This time I have two zillion things to do because I have to leave my meeting a day & a half early to make my vacation. Thank God I already had my vacation request in when they announced the meeting dates!

You see, for some unknown reason, my vanity climbs to an all-time high before either a company meeting, or a vacation, so the week before means glamourama. I need to: get a pedicure, get a set of nails put on (two different Vietnamese nail locations, don't ask), my hair cut, colored & highlighted, a couple of tans & an eyebrow wax. And that's just the stuff I can remember. Hard to get all that in with your boss hangin' around. And of course there's the whole packing thing. This is the longest trip we've ever taken, so naturally I had to go out & buy a suitcase that would literally hold the kitchen sink.

The real packing problem can be summed up in one word: shoes. I need to bring them all, and MAN do they take up alot of space. This particular trip is our first cruise, which apparently means we will be expected to, on occasion, dress for dinner. Normally on trips I strive for super-casual, but when you know there are nice restaurants & clubs involved, I have to bring everything. *sigh*.

I hate to sound like such a griper, but sometimes the stress of travel barely evens out the experience. Since it is a long trip, I feel confident that by the end I will be a puddle of Jello with not a care in the world.

I bet you'll have Betty Sunshine writing this blog by the end of May when I return.

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