Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dog Days

Well, here's the follow up: my dog is OK...he had twisted up his lower back & hips a bit, but the chiropractor got them back in line & I've massaged his back a bit to help, too. The day after his adjustment, he was bouncing around a bit...more like his old self again.

I ran by the Harry and David store and bought a small gift basket and card for my hero neighbors. My husband dropped it off. The man I originally spoke with wasn't home, but his wife, who took part in the rescue, was there. She said the only reason they saw him in the pool, was because she went outside to smoke. Wow...that's the only "plus" I've EVER heard for smoking! Anyway, she said he was having a terrible struggle and making the most God awful sounds. He would have drowned if they had not intervened. I guess that pool has no stairs and the shallow end isn't that shallow. (How he was able to get in at all is a topic for another time!)

I was having a discussion with someone regarding the swimming abilities of dogs. They said that all dogs can swim. I don't know if that's true or not, but I think it's a moot point when you take a giant, ungainly dog who's never even dog-paddled in his life & dump him into water over his head. I think panic overrides any instinct to swim to safety. It certainly was the case here.

The hero neighbors want to come & see him sometime, according to my husband. I guess they feel some connection to the pitiful creature they dragged from the "murky deep". Since my initial "thanks" was so pathetic right after it happened, I guess that will give me chance to say it again....maybe in a way that a gift basket doesn't cover. (The wife did not want to accept the gift basket....my husband MADE her.) Of course, she said they did what anyone would do, which I think for the most part is true, but it doesn't make me appreciate it hugely just the same.

So glad your dog made it okay and that you have samaritans who saved its life. What you did for the neighbors was very thoughtful.
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