Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Eight Legged Freaks

Sometimes I like to make a protein shake in the blender before bedtime. I often take the blender full of ingredients into the garage to mix, because it's really loud & I don't want to risk waking my daughter up.

So I was doing just this the other night, and I when I turned back towards to door to go back in, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was an ENORMOUS spider between me & the door. It was about the size of a wolf spider, but jet black, and had sort of an odd shaped, huge body. I skirted around it & called my husband to come & see. He says "Nope, that one's just too big". I was unaware we had weight/size restrictions regarding which spiders lived & which ones met the "Paper Towel of Death". We have lots of spiders because we live near the woods. They don't scare me, but I wouldn't want to have any poisonous ones hanging around either. An annual trip by the exterminator keeps them somewhat at bay.

Anyway, he grabs a paper towel and heads into the garage, closing the door behind him. I'm in the kitchen and I hear him scream "Oh my God!" I had visions of the thing leaping on his head & trying to burrow into his ear. So I wander over & open the door. He has the funniest look on his face. He says "I went to grab it, and it sidestepped the towel, then when I finally did manage to pin it down & grab it, loads of baby spiders SHOT out from the paper towel EVERYWHERE! Gimme some bug spray!" The reason it looked so big & lumpy, was because it was COVERED with at LEAST 50 baby spiders!

Ewwww. So, my husband had to go into work quite late that night, and was actually on his way out when this happened. After hosing down all the offending arachnids he could find, he gathered his things & headed off to work.

The phone rings about 10 minutes later. He says "OK, I STILL feel crawly all over, I totally have the heebie-jeebies...man that freaked me out!" to which I replied in a low voice "...baby killer".

OMG! My husband would have DIED before he even considered trying to kill an enormo spider. Kudos to your hubby for his supreme baby-killing efforts.

- Jane
Ew! That reminds of the time I found a huge wolf spider in my basement and I had to pummel, yes, PUMMEL it with a small stick. I thought I was going to pass out afterwards because it made me sick to my stomach to have to BEAT to death what amounted to a small animal. There was no squishing that thing. Ew! I feel itchy all over now after YOUR story. EW!!
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