Sunday, June 27, 2004

Pass the Calamine

I have yet to hear anything but flimsy theories. I want a real, final answer. What can I do, short of dipping myself into DEET on a daily basis, to make mosquitos LEAVE ME ALONE! Apparently, I have Smorgasboard written on my forehead...only the mosquitos can see it. I don't wear perfume, usually, or smelly lotions & potions. I've heard SO many "reasons" the are attracted to one person over another, but I've never actually seen anything written definitively to back these up.

The prime example was when my husband and I were walking near a small lake one spring at dusk. We were comparably dressed: shorts & t-shirts. Never even felt a single bite. The end result of our stroll? Him: 5 bites. Me: 45 bites. I was eaten alive. It was horrible. I had to go buy Benadryl it itched so bad. Unreal. Then there's the bird-mite incident...perhaps that story's for another time.

My point is, I am recovering from 10 mystery bites because apparently I went out to get the mail or something, unprotected. Gar.

One thing that I have started doing, because I got this info. on a crappy forward e-mail, then confirmed it's validity with a much more reliable source: Thiamin supplements also know as vitamin B-1. Pop one daily and it is said the skeeters leave you alone. So far, it sounds like the best advice I've heard...that is if it DOES work. Being extra cautious, for good reason, I'll have a hard time NOT hosing myself with DEET anyway. I'm sure at some point I'll end up putting the B-1 to the test...and I'll let you know how it goes. In the mean time, I'll keep my spray Bendryl handy (I don't really use Calamine). It's sticky, but really kills the itch for hours and hours. If only I could just kill mosquitos for hours and hours. How satisfying would THAT be?!

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