Sunday, July 11, 2004


Interesting study in human nature this weekend, I had. I trekked several hours to a lake with a group of my girlfriends. It's one of those lakes that has the area where tons of boats converge together, tie-up and everyone gets really, really drunk & stupid. Funny thing was, I wasn't feelin' it. I really didn't drink very much, so I pretty much witnessed all of this debauchery sober. Wow. Sober & dry. With all of the stuff that happens in that lake water, you can bet your sweet ass I wasn't dipping myself into it! One guy told a story of a time he cut his leg pretty badly while IN the water & decided to go get it stitched up. There were about 12 people ahead of him in the ER waiting room, but the check-in nurse asked him where in the lake he had been. When he mentioned the particular party area, she whisked him immediately in front of all of those waiting, where he promptly got stitches to go along with the TWELVE shots they said he'd be needing. That tell ya anything? Ewwwww. You can't even IMAGINE what goes on in that water.

So anyway...I saw it all: nudity of varying degrees, drunkenness of all degrees and lots of people doing things that would not be well-accepted by their spouses and families.

So what is it about the mix of sun, water, alcohol, hormones that makes people completely forget themselves? Or is this just the real "them" lurking below the surface waiting for an opportunity to rear it's ugly head? Most of my crew conduct themselves reasonably well...but some still get sucked into the evil mix to SOME degree. This is not my first bar-be-que, but it is the first one where the drinks weren't going down so well, so maybe it's just my un-fogged perspective this time around.

Well, I guess everyone has to look at themselves in their own mirror..and we're all grown adults. I just find it to be quite interesting. But I'm not really here to judge...just to point and laugh.

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