Monday, August 30, 2004

Am I glowing yet?

Why, yes I am! Unfortunately it's not the rosy cheeks of the happy mother-to-be....it's the oil slick that's now forming on my forehead and on my nose. Oh, wait! My back & neck, too! At least the actual acne decided to confine itself to my neck & back for now. I can hide it behind the circus tents I'll soon be wearing...maybe.

OK, here's the deal: when I had my daughter over four years ago, I gained ALOT of weight. Yes, I remember it well. I even remember avoiding mirrors toward the end unless I was FULLY clothed. Well, this time things are different in my fantasy world. Who knows...maybe I can make it a reality, but I'm not making any promises...I'd hate to let anyone down. BUT, perhaps the potential turning point was today. One of my good friends went out and spent at metric buttload of money on maternity clothes during her last pregnancy. She actually got some cute stuff...some of it almost even sassy! While trying this stuff on, I realized that there is some potential to look like a cute pregnant lady and not a land-monster. That realization makes me think if I can maintain a reasonable weight and keep some muscle tone, I just might be able to pull this thing off without being completely depressed by how I look at the end. Maybe I CAN keep a real healthy glow afterall. I'll keep ya posted on that one.

The lowlight of my day today was my severe pregnancy induced headache. Before my lunch appointment today, I took 2 Tylenol. Mmmmm, yeah. No good. The headache was back in full force by the time lunch is over. Soooo, I went home early & took 2 Tylenol 3's. (My doc said he'd rather I take those than handfuls of regular Tylenol!) So of course I fell asleep...and when I woke up...headache STILL THERE! Geeez. After a Coca-Cola C-2 I finally felt better...whether it was the extra time, the caffeine or the sugar I have no idea...but what a weird cure!

There I go again...painting a beautiful picture of pregnancy. Makes ya wanna sign right up, huh?

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