Sunday, September 05, 2004

Care to place a wager on that?

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the sex of my unborn child would be the center of such a hot debate! I have one friend who absolutely INSISTS that it's a boy. It did come out in a small way that part of the reason she thinks this wishful thinking on her part. She doesn't have kids yet and would REALLY want a girl. By throwing the boy vibe onto me, I think she feels as though she's increasing the odds that it will all work out in her favor. You see, my entire circle is boy-free. In the immortal words of Motley Crue, it's "Girls, girls, girls!"

It is interesting to imagine what a boy would do in this environment. One thing is for sure: he'll be sensitive to females...even if he has to learn the hard way. He'll be in touch with his feminine side, for sure. He'll have the equivalent to five sisters (that's my daughter plus the four other little girls in our group).

I have to admit the thought of having a boy kind of freaks me out. I really have limited experience with boys. If you've read my past blogs, you know about the grubby gross little pack of boys that roams my cul-de-sac, randomly peeing in yards. See where I'm coming from? Ick. The good news is that the pack of boys will be way too old for my child once he reaches the "I wanna go out and play" stage....I hope. Either that or they'll torture him at every minor opportunity. More good news is that I have enough control over my household comings and goings that I can probably prevent much unwanted contact.

So I've had about five or six people predict "boy" so far. And thus far, I'm inclined to disagree! Why? Well, first...just a hunch. Secondly, I had a psychic (or rather a channeler) tell me it was a girl. Murmur all you like, but this chick was no phony. Of everything she said, she was about 85% accurate. Not bad. I won't get into a debate as to people's opinions of the validity of these types of readings. She was damn good. But then there was a 15% window of grey area, so I'm not saying she couldn't be wrong. Only time will tell. We'll know in about three weeks, so I can end the mystery.

In the meantime, I'm entertaining placing some small wagers with those who are so insistent. It might make it a little more interesting. And I'm SURE if I lose, my friend's winnings would go toward some lovely boy-oriented gift. Lord knows I'll need it. I have CASES of girly stuff & jack-squat for a boy. Am I RIGHT girls?!?!

(Random housekeeping note: this blog is set up to accept comments from "anyone" so I have no idea why some people can't post comments. I'll look into it further & let you know!)

I'll start the bidding at $5. (hey, lookie, I set it up so I can comment!)

For the record: BOY.
LuAnn--I'm replying via the "post anonymously" function, because I don't have a blog account, which I apparently need for posting non-anonymously. Great to see you at the party, and I think you'll doo just fine with a boy!
Hey Leah,
I will go with you and against the odds. It is a girl!!

See ya!!

It's another girl fer sure. Count on it.
My psychic powers are feeling a boy..... hee, hee...
Boys aren't so bad! You just have to watch the firehose for the first couple of months. Here's to you adding a male to the bunch.
Come on....tell 'em!!!
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