Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Drum Roll Please....

Let me say before I begin, that I just had the BEST bagel. Cinnamon with Pumpkin Cream Cheese. Amazing. I'm one of those people who loves food so much, that when something really strikes me everyone gets to hear about it until I forget. Sorry...

ANYWAY...now for the real drum roll: it's going to be a boy. Usually it would be too early to tell, but my sonogram tech got just the perfect shot. "No mistaking what THAT is", she says. Sigh. No, no...it IS a good thing , but I'm still in shock. And no, not just the shock of having to admit I'm wrong..the shock a raising a BOY. "Oh, all babies are the same" some people like to say. Um, no they aren't! Some are girls and some are boys...not the same thing! Not to mention the cases of girl clothes that will never be used by me again. It's a whole different deal this time.

The biggest challenge up to this point has been keeping the secret from my four year old daughter. She's no dummy. I think the jig has been up for some time...we've just been keeping her confused. I bought a little boy outfit in Connecticut and she says "Is that for my baby brother"? WHAT!?!? Plus she's been eyeing my pooch and asking if I'm "starting to get a baby in my belly". "Why do you ask?" I'd say, attempting to be evasive. We finally gave up last night and told her. The news was greeted with a big grin and repeated requests for me to yank up my shirt so she could put her hands on my stomach. NOW the biggest challenge will be keeping the nagging questions at bay. Her sense of time is not so hot, so as soon as we buy a 2005 calendar, we'll mark the due date & try to make a visual for her.

Before we know it we'll be knee deep in baby paraphanelia again. With a little less than six more months to go, I think I'll have plenty of time to get my act together (chuckle, chuckle). Wish me luck.

Congratulations!! People who say "babies are babies" must only see babies on TV or movies and have little to no interaction with REAL ones. Hell yes, they ARE different. I would say there are pros and cons to having either a girl or a boy - I can't see that having one is necessarily easier than having the other.
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