Friday, September 24, 2004

I Love Fall!

And it's officially here! I love that you don't need a jacket, but it's too brisk for shorts. I like how hot the sun feels, but how cool the air is. I like the smell. I don't love (but don't really hate) the spiders. (On a side note, let me mention that the outside (fortunately) of our house is being overrun by big, fat giant-web-building spiders. While eating dinner on the deck last night, I counted eight that I could see from where I was sitting. They're on the eaves of the house, on the deck, on the walls, on my daughter's tree house...everywhere! You know the ones...big & brown with fairly long legs. I'm not really inclinded to displace them unless their webs are directly interefering with my goings-on. Even though we live by the woods, this is by FAR a bumper crop compared to years past. Weird.)

Anyway, there are several Fall activities that I'm looking forward to. This weekend, even though it's still September, we'll be visiting an Oktoberfest. Even though I'll miss out on the brew, the atmosphere is still lots of fun. I also like going to the pumpkin patches (because paying triple for a pumpkin is FUN!). No, really, we have a fun one with a petting zoo & hayride & the whole nine yards. My daughter gets a big kick out of it.

Since our many summer travels are finally behind us, I know have time to focus on my house and also local activities. Before you know it, I won't be leaving the house hardly ever, due to winter ugliness. Gee...maybe that will force me to blog more often!

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