Friday, October 01, 2004


OK, I had the grossest thing happen. The worst part is that this is the second time in my life this exact thing has happened.

We were being overrun by these odd little black flies in our kitchen. Not your average every-day fruit flies that hang out with your bananas...these were bigger, with longer wings. They were EVERYWHERE in the kitchen. We noticed this problem shortly after returning from our week-long trip. These things were constantly trying to dive-bomb into your food or beverage. I also noticed that they were getting into our ice maker. They kept appearing in my cup after getting ice. Acckkkk! Where the HELL are these things coming from?!?

Well...after one quick glance under the kitchen sink, all became clear. They had taken up residence in our aging bag of potatoes. For those with weak constitutions, I'll just say that they were....breeding. ...copiously. I have yet to hurl during this entire pregnancy, but this episode really tested my limits. Fortunately, I kept it together, but how gross is that?

I think the other time this happened, I was in college... I do recall having had this happen once before. Some people just never learn.

There are still stragglers (the flies), but I've been managing to pick them off one by one. Now my biggest dilemma is where do I store my new potatoes? I bought some at the store the other day, and so far they've been residing happily in the back seat of my car. They seem happy there, but it doesn't seem suitable as a permanent residence. I'm too grossed out to possibly ever store them under the sink again.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a bug theme emerging from these blogs? Weird.

I store my potatoes in the fridge - granted, I buy baby reds so they don't take as much space. However, they keep forever in there.
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