Sunday, October 24, 2004

First the bad news...

My last Thursday's TWO attempts to get a flu shot after I blogged FAILED. Upon being turned away the second time, it almost made me want to cry. Almost. It's just a frustration + hormones thing. I'm not a crier...never have been. But I really am getting seriously ANNOYED.

Anyway, the good news is that I combined a work trip with a fun weekend by bringing my family along. I had another one of those State doctor meetings where you stand around and look like a total chode for hours on end. Fortunately, there was another rep with my company from a different part of the state there to share in my misery. The thing took place in his town (on his side of the state), so I made the long trek to see that only ONE of the doctors I call on attended. Oh, and I just happened to be in his office last week. Now THERE is corporate money well spent. The highlight was when one of my friend's doctors asked how "far along" I was. When I responded "five months" she stared harder at my stomach and asked if I was having twins. See? Higher education cannot buy one tact. Thanks alot lady.

So with that fiasco behind me, I could enjoy family time. We did all sorts of fun stuff. We visited a children's museum, an outdoor park that had different types of animals on display, we had dinner with my co-worker and his family, we had dinner another night at a nice seafood restaurant. We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast THREE days in a row. How indulgent is that? I feel like we ate our way around town!

My daughter's favorite thing was at a local mall. They had this deal there they put you in a harness with bungee cords attached to both sides, while standing on a trampoline. This contraption then pulls the bungees to raise you up while adding tension, and you use your toes to bounce on the trampoline and you can shoot way high in the air and even do flips. I had my doubts, but it said "25 lbs. and up". So she REALLY wants to go and doesn't seem afraid at all, even though you go pretty high. Man, was I impressed! The minute she got some air, she starts doing flips left and right! Back flips, front flips, you name it! There were kids on there 3x or more her age that were too afraid to do anything but bounce up and down. Actually, I would have bet money she would be too anxious to try to flip over, but I would have lost big time! It was really cute. We did it again the next day just to get her to shut up about it! It did look like fun, but of course it is written in stone that pregnant ladies don't get to have any fun like that. Sigh.

Even though I paid for our last night of hotel myself, it was worth the money to get one last family trip in before winter & baby. Now my travels are REALLY over for the time being, unless you count a brief work trip next month. As always it's good to be home again. This coming week I have TWO super-fun things to look forward to: my boss coming into town & my continued search for a stinking flu shot. Of course, I'll keep you posted.

"chode"??? Did one of your Indian friends teach you that word? Because it means "f*ck" in Hindi. LOL :-)
Actually my co-worker uses it, so it rubbed off. I always forget what a funny phrase it is until I hear it again. I'm sure he has no clue on the origin, so I'll be sure to let him know! Funny!
The best part is that they tack on all sorts of words to it - so "banchode" means "sister f*cker", "maaderchode" means "mother f*cker". Of course, with my sick sense of humor I tacked on all sorts of fun stuff which was never fully appreciated...goats (buckra), dogs (koota), etc. More than you wanted to know, I am sure.

Here's a lovely little discussion of the history and meanings of "chode/choad," a word I believe I first heard on Beavis and Butthead.

You're welcome.

- Jane
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