Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm Freakin' HUGE!

Relatively speaking, of course. I think I look about six months pregnant right now, although I am only four. Does this mean I will look like I'm having triplets by the time I reach 9 months? Let's hope it all levels out somewhere along the line. In a way, I'm OK with that, though. I hate that fuzzy, grey area where you don't fit your regular clothes, but maternity clothes seem silly since you're not big enough. I'm not even kidding when I say that you want to wear a sign saying "I'm pregnant..not JUST fat!" Because most people are tactful enough to not ask, but it often doesn't just "come up" either. Now when people eye my obviously-larger stomach I can just say "Yes, I am".

Since I've grown so fast I feel this bizarre need to go in & see all of my top doctors ASAP. I need to show this off. Why on earth?... you may ask. Because I never know when my boss might decide to come & ride with me. It's bad enough when some office twit says, in front of your boss, "Oh my gosh, we haven't seen you FOREVER". The last thing I need to do is show up with my boss, obviously pregnant for some time, and get a surprised reaction from people. I need to go throw this weight around so people have seen it. This might sound overly-cautious and/or paranoid, but it isn't. It's stuff like that that can get you busted slacking. So off to work I go (right after lunch of course). Plus I happen to enjoy working more in the spring & fall when the weather is milder. It feels kind of good to get in & out of your car...not like the freezer or oven it is during winter & summer. What the hell else am I gonna do? Blog all day?

Are you saying you're not feeling that pregnancy glow?
Although the oil slick has subsided, it has yet to be replaced by any type of "glowing". Still waiting for that one!
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