Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My Crappy Morning

Happens to everyone now and then, I guess. One of THOSE days. So I decide to take my husband's SUV this morning because after I take my daughter to school, I'm dropping off my giant, smelly dog to the groomer. Not only does he really need a bath, but he also really needs his nails trimmed and I just can't do it myself. The first thing I notice as I'm pulling into daycare is that my husband's radio is doing something strange. I switch channels, but that didn't fix it. Huh.

So into school, drop off my daughter. Back into the car with damp, smelly dog. Did I mention it's steadily raining too? Key into ignition. Nothing. Uh, crap. Nothing. Spying jumper cables on the floor of the passenger seat (um, was that a clue?) I go into daycare to bum a jump. Get the jump (soaking wet & miserable by now) and I'm OFF!...about 8 feet, right into the intersection before the car decides it's not "down with that" and just....quit. No sputter, no jerk. Just nothing...except a wet, pregnant, pissed off lady with a heavily panting moist, antsy dog in the back. OK, this time I get a bit panicky. Not only am I not going to make the groomer's by now, but I'm also starting to get concerned about making my noon lunch appointment too. So...yet another phone call to the husband with my inappropriate, panicked, pissed-off tone. Not the peaches-and-cream that would probably have worked best.

He comes to my rescue anyway. The poor bastard leaves work, calls the shop and comes to retrieve my sorry ass. Let me also mention that NO ONE stopped to see if I needed help. NOT ONE. Thanks, a-holes. Once my husband arrives, we try again to jump the car to at least get it out of the way, unsuccessfully. Then he announces that he doesn't want the dog in his company car. "Let's leave him here, go home, get your car and come back & get him", he says. Um, no. First of all, the dog is already freaked out, secondly, the tow truck guy is on his way. I'm sure he could tell that this was not the optimal time to argue with me, so agreed to take the extra, smelly passenger the 5 miles to home.

Well, I did make my lunch on time, and $300 later, we have a lovely new alternator in our SUV. Unfortunately, it is still raining. Tomorrow's another day.

Maybe the heat waves you saw coming off the dog in your previous post were really visible stink waves. Hey, it happens in cartoons...

- Jane
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