Monday, October 11, 2004

Random Junk

This was the damndest thing: My giant Great Dane was completely passed out on the living room floor this morning when I saw it...a mirage, or something like it. I actually saw waves of shimmery heat rising from the rib cage of my dog. Like when the heat rises from a long stretch of road during the summer. I really thought I was seeing things for a moment. I've never actually seen heat rising from a living creature before! Isn't that bizarre?

So my husband is taking my daughter out of town to the in-laws this weekend. Why? College friend's bachelor party. Yippee. There's nothing a pregnant lady loves more than imagining her husband with a hard-bodied stripper bouncing on his lap. Of course, HE can't choose where his friend wants to go for his own party. Oh, no. Oh well, whatdaya gonna do?

Normally a free weekend would mean getting all cute & going out for several dozen martinis with the girls, but, ya know. So as it stands, I have Friday afternoon plans with one of my friends and so far, that is IT. Absolutely nothing planned for the entire weekend. What to do, what to do? Wouldn't it be sad if I had to go to the movies all alone? Movies are the only non-alcohol related activity that doesn't involve children that I can think of. Maybe I can get at least two in! And then of course there's all the napping. Mmmmmmm, napping. Well, maybe my weekend will take some sort of random, exciting turn for the better. Of course I'm not holding my breath, either. But of course, I'll let ya know.

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