Friday, November 12, 2004


I've got the bug again. As I write this I am watching my tireless husband paint an accent wall in our living room. The whole room is a very light beige...more like a browny-eggshell. Bo-ring! That's the "base" color in the entire house and it just BEGS to be covered up. I have plans for the other 3 walls in the living room but that is a project for another time. We're painting the accent wall a very dark maroon. Very dark. Why? Because it's one of the colors in my new couch & the wall will nicely tie it all in together. The couch is a leaf tapestry with beige, different greens, and a touch of maroon (I have two large moss green chairs already in the room that I had to accommodate). The two couch pillows are maroon. I have this new couch due to the fact that when I bought my original couch from La-Z-Boy five years ago, I purchased their "stain warranty" package. They supposedly sprayed something on it to stain-proof it. If they sprayed anything on it, it must've magic "wish dust". They really wish you don't stain your couch & make a claim. Which, of course, is exactly what I did. It turns out that hot pink kid yogurt doesn't come out of an off-white couch no matter how hard you wish!

Getting the warranty company to hold up their end of the bargain was no small feat, either. It took about 9 months start to finish before they told me to head to the store & pick out a new couch. I guess their b.s. scares off a certain number of potential claimants. I'm sure it's an odds game for them. So we got the couch today and I've decided the bold wall is the way to go. I have to say, of all my odd decor decisions I've made in my house so far, I don't regret any of them. I trust my judgment. I mean, I'm sure my choices wouldn't be for everyone, but they make me happy...and my husband is always pleased with the outcome...so that's all that matters! Every now & then my husband will make some random reference to our homes "resale value". I have no designs on ever leaving, so I really don't give a hoot about that. Maybe I SHOULD keep that in mind...but I want my house the way I want my house. It seems dumb to do things in line with what some stranger might think looks good 20 years from now. Those people can wield a paintbrush just as easily as I can!

The baby's room is next. Out of respect for my husband's hard work painting that room as an office a couple years ago, I searched high and low for some type of boyish theme that had the strange color of our walls in it. For the office, we chose a Ralph Lauren color that is sort of a reddish, maroony color. (see a theme developing?) I think it has deep pinky undertones, too. I scored, though! I found an adorable western theme that has the exact color of our walls in it! I'll be pairing it with lots of denim accessories I found at Target & Bob's your uncle! All I have left to buy is the border & a valance, both of which I can only locate online. My husband was quite relieved that I didn't insist on having the room repainted & was quite pleased with the items I chose for the room. The other bonus is that the theme isn't SO babyish that it won't last long. I can see riding this pony for at LEAST 4 or 5 years, before Jr. starts squeaking about wanting something less "babyish". Whew! Well, perhaps it's time for a quick stroll outside before I poison my unborn child with noxious paint fumes. Happy Friday!

Never EVER in my life have I heard the expression "Bob's your uncle". In fact, the context had me thinking it was a chic little baby boutique or something. Uh, apparently not. Thanks to you (and google) for kicking my horizons out another notch.
You and your red rooms...me and my green rooms. It's like we were born on opposite sides of the color blindness spectrum.

- Jane
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