Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Bad...

Sorry about my endless absence. I got nuthin'. No reason. No good excuse other than sheer laziness & lack of motivation. Typical, huh? In fact, that's been my general theme lately. Ever since Thanksgivng (which was lovely, thanks for asking) I've had giant boxes of Christmas decor littering my living room. I can only address one box at a time. Just bending at the waist to remove items in the box has become a problem. Every time I have to pick anything up from the floor, it feels like the blood to my brain is being cut off. It makes me light-headed & gives me a headache. Every time. Is that bad?

I had another odd episode in the grocery store earlier today. As I was checking out, I became INCREDIBLY hot. Unbearably hot. As I was writing my check moments before stepping out into the cold, I had to peel off my coat, lest I pass out! Plus, I just felt REALLY bad, in general. When I got to my car, I pulled out My low-fat Ben & Jerry's and ate about half of it with a fork in the parking lot. Looks like low blood sugar was indeed the culprit. After my "snack", I felt much better. Weird. I had had a cup of yogurt not an hour and a half before that, so it's not like I'd gone all day or anything.

Each day I'm feeling bigger and more lumbering. Oh, yeah...THAT'S why I didn't wanna do this again. But, I've made my bed. I need to keep my eye on the big picture & quit whining about the details. Ha, ha, ha! Did I have ya going?!? If you don't want to hear me complain, I highly suggest you completely avoid me for the next 6-8 months! Otherwise, thanks for letting me vent. Whew! I feel better already.

So, is it bad to eat the Ben & Jerry's in the parking lot with whatever crafty utensil is available? Rocky Road? Ice Scraper? Voila! Cookie dough? Cork screw? Lunch!

...i've never questioned that behavior until now...

but of course, I put the Haag in Haagen Dazs...
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