Sunday, November 07, 2004

Yummy Cooking!

I tried a couple new recipes tonight and they were great! One was for a shepherd's Pie. I've had shepherd's Pie before, but have never made it. Pretty standard fare, with hamburger, carrots, onions & mashed potatoes. It was a hair more work than I would've expected, but sooooo worth it! I also made a Triple Layer Mud Pie, a recipe from Jello.com (type in search "mud pie"). I substituted lighter versions for many of the ingredients and it was the right thing to do. It was mega-rich even with the substitutions. I highly recommend it!

My husband had to work tonight, and when he called & asked what we were doing for dinner, my reply, naturally, was "shepherd's Pie, salad, rolls and a triple layer chocolate pie for dessert". He actually said "Well, who are you making all that for"? As if, in his absence, my daughter and I eat only crusts of bread & water. I laughed & promised him leftovers of everything.

Although I don't make dessert every night (or even once a month for that matter) the pregnancy weight is creeping up quickly nonetheless. I really feel as though I've reigned it in as compared to last time, but my weight gain appears to be pacing about the same. Sigh. Of course everyone offers words of encouragement, such as "ah, don't worry about it...you got it all off the last time". Well, sure, but it's not like it was a walk in the park or anything. I slaved in the gym everyday for months! I ate crazy amounts of yogurt & grilled chicken!

Yes...I'll do it all again. Whether it's for the sake of good health or vanity, it'll happen. Perhaps all the practice I got last time will make it seem oh-so-much easier this time. Maybe the Triple Layer Mud Pie will have to become just an annual indulgence.

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