Monday, December 13, 2004


Have I mentioned that I HATE the cold? It's this season that really makes being a drug rep (and a pregnant one at that) be a BIG challenge. Let's see...I could snuggle up with hot chocolate and watch TIVO all day....or I could go out into the blustery, frigid weather and hand out some brochures to some doctors...oh, and by the way...nobody REALLY knows or cares which route I take! Plus, the only "work" pants I have are a thin polyester-type of material and the wind goes RIGHT through them. I feel naked in those pants when it's really cold outside. And, no, I DON'T want to go buy other pants. I only have 3 months of this crap left and I've already spent enough maternity money!

Y'know how some people like to blow off work when it's warm & sunny outside? Not me. Those are the days that I actually WANT to work! It feels good to be productive and NOT suffer horribly at the hands of Mother Nature. When the wind is blowing like it is today, PLUS it's two degrees, well, that's just a recipe for productiveness disaster for me. Whatdaya gonna do?

We'll be heading to the doctor for two reasons this Thursday. First of all, I get to take my Glucose Tolerance Test. If you are not familiar with that, it involves drinking a big bottle of extra-sugary goo and then having your blood drawn an hour later. Since my odd grocery store episode, my doc wants to do that test 2 weeks earlier than originally anticipated. Then after that whirlwind of fun, we're doing a 3D ultrasound. Always the salesperson, I managed to get my doctor to do one for me for free, even though they normally cost $125.00. Damn...sometimes I AM good! We're bringing my daughter with us. She's old enough to get a kick out of it (I hope), plus they videotape it for a keepsake. My doctor didn't have that equipment when we had my daughter, so the whole 3D thing will be a first for us.

Anyway...my TIVO is beckoning me as I type, so it's off to execute Plan A. Now if only the sun would peek out...

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