Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ho, ho, ho!

Happy holidays, everyone! Yeah! I'm FINALLY done with the wretched Christmas shopping. All in all, I hafta say is wasn't too bad this year. My daughter is super-easy to buy for. My husband was kind enough to make out a nice long wish list, and everyone else just fell beautifully into place! I haven't even prepared the Christmas meal yet, but it's going to be easy too! Spiral ham, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. My sister is making an ice cream cake roll with chocolate cake and peppermint ice cream. Killer.

Last weekend was our annual Christmas party. Every year we average about 30 friends and family. I made some short cuts on the food preparation, but all in all, I'd say it was a success. Of course, by midnight, my feet were swelled up like sausages and I was exhausted, but that's just par for the course. My husband had to work most of the day, so I ended up cleaning the house by myself, and two of my "helpers" that were to come over early showed up extra-late. Whadayagonna do?

This happens every year, but after this year's party, I've decided to make some revisions to my future guest lists. Many of you probably already know that flaking tops my list of punishable-by-death offenses. But worse than flaking is completely ignoring an invitation altogether. Not a peep..."F-you! Thanks for the invite, sucker!". This problem has effectively eliminated one set of neighbors from future invitations completely. I will subject myself to their rudeness NO MORE. Hell, they live 2 doors down. They could've sent one of their grubby KIDS down to tell us they weren't coming. But, no. Nothing. I could go on...but it will just end up irritating me.

So, it looks like I have about 10 more weeks of maternal discomfort (before the post-partum discomfort begins). Still no names picked out...and the baby's room is still a playroom. Guess we have our New Year's work cut out for us, huh? With the second, there just isn't that fervor that there is with the first. No fire to put out, I guess.

Well, I wish everyone the happiest of holidays (unless you're a flaker, in which case I wish you nothing but ill will) and I'll keep the world updated on the many new dramas that are just BOUND to be unfolding.

Merry Christmas!

Actually, I was just telling someone yesterday about the (insert maiden name) Sisters Cardinal Rule of Flaking Out on Social Events.... I agree that the whole not replying thing is the worst of all. . However, I hesitate to leave certain people off the list in case they hear through mutual friends that there was even a party. Others that aren't part of my regular crowd ARE getting left off the list next year, though.
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