Friday, December 24, 2004

Oh, Yeah...the Ultrasound!

Forgot to give the update on that! It was, well, just OK. Since I had my glucose test scheduled for the same time, that meant I had had a big glass of sugar an hour prior to the ultrasound. This meant that the little guy was wired. He was practically spinning in there! This does not make for a successful 3D ultrasound. They have to get some good "still" shots for the computer to then translate the images into 3D. So we got a couple of fair face shots, but it was blurry for the most part. I watched the video for the first time last night. I'm sure my in-laws will be interested, but anyone else...not so much.

We also asked the ultrasound tech about my overall vast stomach size, wondering if the due date could be off. She said it was apparent to her, based on ultrasonic measurements, that I had a high volume of amniotic fluid. "Oh, really? What does that mean", I ask. She says "Well, sometimes nothing, but some birth defects are associated with high levels, too." OK, is it just me or is it NOT her place to say something like that? She didn't know that we had an amniocentesis, and that everything was fine. If I were one of those patients prone to alarm, you can guarantee that my doctor would have been getting a phone call. As it stands, I will be mentioning it at my appt. with him next week. She should be referring patients back to the doctor if she thought my levels were high. One of my friends that also goes to this doctor had less-than-pleasant experiences with this ultrasound tech, too. Her bedside manner in general sucks. Any smile or warmth is so obviously forced. My friend nicknamed her "Susie McDumb Bitch", which I thought was hilarious.

To make matters worse, my daughter acted more or less like a jackass during the appt. She whined about wanting to go home and watch "Spongebob" almost the whole time we were there. I almost had my husband take her out of the room. Oh, well. Sometimes my expectations for a 4 1/2 year old may be a bit high.

So there you have it...my lukewarm review of the 3D ultrasound experience!

Merry Christmas!

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