Monday, January 31, 2005

Isn't true irony fun?

OK...so last year at my company's National Sales Meeting, I was ever-so-lucky to hear more than one schpiel from our VP of Human Resources. I'd never even HEARD of the guy prior to this meeting, but here he was. First, he lectured the sales staff about staying off an anonymous industry web site. Each company has it's own chat board and some of the topics can get pretty scandalous! They threatened to find out "who was responsible" for posting certain things. Sure...whatever. The funny thing was that about half the staff wasn't even aware of the web site. Those of us who were privy didn't waste any time filling in the blanks for the clueless folks. Thanks, idiot. Know we ALL know. Needless to say, our company's page's traffic picked up considerably after that! Ha, ha!

The next lecture was the 'ol "Sexual Harassment" talk. My personal favorite about that speech, was that I just so happened to be seated next to the guy that got an official warning letter put in his file for saying many inappropriate things to me over a year earlier. Just for the record, a male co-worker I am friends with blew the whistle on the guy...not me. My friend just couldn't take the b.s. anymore, so he went to my boss. The rest is awkward history. ANYWAY...all this is leading up to a point.

So I'm on the "elicit" web site last night and I learn that the VP of HR as been "let go". According to the anonymous poster, the official reason was that his job had been "made redundant" by the hiring of another person. Umkay. THEN, the thread goes on to say that rather than steering people away from our industry web site, he SHOULD have been steering people away from the "Megan's Law" website. OK, it rang a bell, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what "Megan's Law" was. One quick Google search later, and all became clear....our former VP of Human Resources was an f***ing CHILD MOLESTER! Picture, address and all. I mean, come on. How ironic IS THAT! Mr. High and Mighty "don't harass your co-workers" is a registered sex offender. How often do you get to enjoy irony as true and pure as that? One of my counterparts and I giggled over the phone this afternoon about the whole thing. We love good scoop.

So what's the lesson we learned here today, kids? Well, frankly I don't know, but remember that the creeps are lurking everywhere...in every walk of life and behind even the fanciest of titles. So I guess this might be a bit of a "black eye" on my company's record, huh? Tee, hee, hee, hee!

The irony is wonderfully beautiful. Ever think it more ironic that you work for a Company that treats you like this? Or is is all part of your devious plan to take down the "MAN"?!? heeheeheeheehee

I will be rooting for you as a former fellow salesperson in corporate america. I escaped...

Perpetual Motion Mind
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