Wednesday, January 12, 2005

S.A.D...and other unfortunate events.

My sister and I agree we both suffer from this. (On the off-chance you don't know what this is, it's Seasonal Affective Disorder). I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to have warm sunshine on my face...and how crappy I feel when it's cold, gray and drizzly outside. Ick. It's just depressing. Why do I live in the Midwest again? I actually looked into moving to San Antonio after college. I got the local paper from there and got a packet from the Chamber of Commerce. Then my mother got sick and any ideas of leaving were permanently shelved. When I win the lottery, I'll keep our house here so we have someplace to stay when visiting friends and family...but I'm outta here! So, since all that'll never happen I suppose I should buy a sunlamp and make the best of it.

On a very personal note, let's take a moment to discuss my pelvis. It feels like it's disintegrating under my flesh. My chiropractor was kind enough to show me, with her model pelvis, what mine was currently doing to cause me such anguish. It ain't good. The entire thing has gotten off-kilter and the end result is the feeling that someone has just whacked me in the crotch with an axe. TMI? Sorry, but it's all I can really focus on right now. She can (and does) adjust this, but when you have a giant melon pressing into your nether regions, it doesn't hold for long. Between my awesome chiro and my awesome massage therapist, I can get a day or two of relief which I guess is better than a sharp stick to the eye.

I'm sure this isn't the only discomfort I'll be having in the next seven weeks (or twelve weeks...that whole post-partum thing sucks, too.) I'll try to manage a whine-free post or two, but I ain't makin' any promises!

I feel ya on the S.A.D.! Everyone in my office has been begging the management to install more lights to stave off the depression of looking out into the grey fog all day long.
I am totally feeling you on the S.A.D, I hate this weather it sucks!!!!
I hate the cold, but I like the grey. Yep, I am the sicko that should be livin' in Seattle because I love a damp, rainy day. (my mother did always commented on what a strange child I was. hmmmmm).
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