Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tick Tock...

I've been pregnant for, like, ten years. Only four more years to go! A pleasant surprise for me is that my friends are throwing me a shower! I didn't think you got another one after baby #1, but to be honest, there are quite a few things I need. We'll keep it small. I'm afraid that I may be short on a few items that I either gave away or disposed of after my daughter was born, because I said I'd NEVER do this again. Um, yeah.

The baby's room is FINALLY almost done (save a few minor decor items). The only thing left is to get a giant chunk of the carpet in that room cut out and replaced. My former pomeranian thought that because the catbox used to be housed in the closet of that room, he could pee on the corner of the nearby bookcase. Over, and over and over. If he were alive today, I'd kill that dog! The acid has permanently ruined a large piece of carpet. Fortunately, we're in tight with a carpet guy who can fix the problem! Sweet!

On a completely different note, my daughter cracked me up the other night. She's been going hard-core in Phonics lately and doing a great job learning how to read & spell. So after we were discussing how her day went the other night, I asked her if she had a nap at daycare that day. Her response was "What spells "n" and "o"? " How could you not crack up? Man, I am in BIG trouble with that one!

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