Monday, February 07, 2005

Bored Already?

No, but I can see the potential for stifling boredom with this "bedrest" thing. I really feel sorry for those women who are on true restrictive bedrest for months on end. It's hard to do nothing when you don't FEEL sick...bed is boring unless you're sleeping! I have a couple different books to start on to pass the time. One of my friends gave me "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy. It's about her pregnancy experience. It's a fun book because she's so blunt...but the book itself is not terribly funny. It's sort of nice to hear that a former playmate topped out at 182 during her pregnancy, though! Misery loves company.

Anyway, I had a lovely shower on Saturday. I met bunches of my friends at a Macaroni Grill and we had a nice lunch (I ate a TON!), cake and gifts. Everything I received was just delightful! I was thrilled to be thrown another shower. With a five-year age difference between kiddos, you really do need some new stuff. Plus, I've gotten loads of hand-me-downs from friends. Boy does that ever help! So now it's just a waiting game. I'm hoping to know more on Thursday after my scan (and no, my appointment is NOT with Susie McDumb Bitch...yeah!) So we'll see how it goes. Lunch with my boss tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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