Thursday, February 10, 2005

Boy Parts

I guess since I'm having a boy, I need to start mentally preparing to deal with "boy parts". I've never even so much as changed a baby boy's diaper. So needless to say it made me break out in a cold sweat when my sonogram tech located said boy parts and exclaimed how BIG they were! And LOOK! it looks like he has a little erection! AHHHHHHH! I'm not even ready to deal with that AFTER he's born...much less before. Since my husband had to miss the appointment due to his work schedule, I asked her for a picture of the "event" for my husband. I know he will predictably say "That's my boy!" and then go and show all of his friends. I know it's a guy thing, but I'm traumatized nonetheless. I know based on conversations with friends who have boys, that they have a special relationship with their private parts. Even though I am destined to one day be confronted with this head-on (no pun intended), I fully intend to make my husband handle these matters, making sure we can establish early on that this "special relationship" must be conducted in private, and not at the playland at the mall. You get the idea.

So even though I've been having a ton of pressure, my cervix seems to not notice and has not started to budge yet. I'm a hair disappointed...I just had a feeling I had started to progress to the next phase. Just wishful thinking on my part as it turns out. However, according to the ultrasound, the baby is approximately 6 pounds 9 ounces, which is a little less than a pound more than my daughter weighed when she was born (she was 5-14). The verdict? EIGHTEEN more days to go. We're looking at Monday February 28th as d-day for a possible induction. My doc will make the call for sure next week. In the meantime, I'll continue to haul my hugeness around uncomfortably. Sigh.

Boy parts are not too scary - you get used to the relationship. Just be sure to keep a washcloth handy during changings for the first few months to avoid a "golden shower". Cold air often turns little boys into fountains.
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