Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Love My Doctor!

Because I am now on Pregnancy Leave! Yipeee! I saw my doctor on Thursday and was REALLY looking forward to it. Even though it's not my usual M.O., this late in the pregnancy game, I need my hand held a little bit, and my doctor (as busy as he is) is really the best one for this. He is so sympathetic and pro-active. I love him to death and am SO glad I have him for my doctor. When I hear about other people's doctor's who have crappy bedside manner, or made them suffer in some manner I am always stunned.

My doctor is a great big Italian guy who looks like a big teddy bear. He always gives you a big hug (and, no, it's never creepy!) and makes you feel like you're his only patient. He's consistently voted best in the city in local magazine surveys and has even been voted best in the country...and rightly so! So, to sum it up...I'm lucky.

Anywho, he's having me come in next week to be scanned to check the baby's size and give a little how-do-ya-do to my cervix. I reminded him how my daughter, at 38 weeks, weighed less than six pounds, and she BARELY came out. Vacuum, forceps...the whole nine yards. He says if THIS baby is very much bigger than that "I won't make you go through all that", which obviously means surgery. Ever since he said this, I've been warming up to this idea. It never really crossed my mind before. I don't want to downplay major abdominal surgery, but let me just say that giving birth is NO FUN! I've had the "birthing experience" and perhaps that's best left for the lower animals. Who knows....the whole thing just hangs in the hands of fate, but I will not be one of those women who's "devastated" if a c-section is in the cards. At least all of my "parts" could be allowed to remain intact.

So there's my baby update. I'll know more next week after we see baby's size. I anticipate being scheduled to come in one way or the other either the last weekend of this month or the first weekend of March. I'll let ya know! Gotta go get ready for my fab-o shower this afternoon! I love presents!

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