Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I've been robbed! Thanks, suckers!

So my storage facility calls me yesterday to tell me that the padlock is missing from my storage unit. Mmmkay. I tell them I'll be by later to check it out and to buy a new lock (from THEM...what a racket!) So the manager goes to my storage to remove the temporary lock and I lift the door. Yup. I was robbed. That's the bad news. The good news was that the idiots stole a bunch of expired non-prescription crap that I had been procrastinating throwing away. Ha ha! The crackheads just saved me 45 minutes of grunt work! Funnier still was that they passed up boxes and boxes of products that are actually valuable. See! Procrastination DOES pay off! My plan was to chuck the old stuff, and put the boxed good stuff out on the shelves where I could access it easier. Now, it looks like I'll need to take the good stuff home since the security measures at my storage unit are oh-so questionable. I asked them what they were doing to find out who it was or if they were stepping up security. Blank stare. OhhhhK then. I had better keep this in mind since this is the SECOND time in 5 years my lock has been cut. Nothing missing last time, though.

Being robbed feels like a major violation regardless of the fact that it was company possessions vs. personal belongings, but I guess it could have been worse. If that's the worst crime that I'm ever exposed to I will be lucky. I have been stolen from on several occasions. Twice I've had my purse stolen (although one of them was recovered from a dumpster several months later...all items intact minus one cancelled credit card). I don't get the mindset of criminals. I'm WAY too chicken to commit a crime. I've never even stolen so much as a pack of gum as a child. The fear of being shamed when caught was far too much for me to bear. The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who freely commit crimes blows me away. I guess I live in a bubble. Duh.

On a COMPLETELY different note...I inexplicably picked up a couple of spots of poison ivy...ON MY FACE. Don't be jealous. So other than looking like a fat, itchy leper and being a victim of crime, my week is going well. Perhaps next week will be a bubo-free one.

That was GREAT. Too funny. Glad the "suckers" only stole the useLESS stuff. hahaha
That sucks - even if it did save you a little cleanout effort.
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