Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Man, I feel like a TV junkie right now. I would blame maternity leave, but most of my shows are in the evenings. Last night we had a lovely evening out in our backyard. My daughter was swinging & goofing around on the hammock, the baby watched everyone from his bouncy seat and my husband and I took turns with the paint brush staining the laticework on our gazebo deck (boy does THAT job ever suuuuck!). Having nice family time like that makes me realize that on average, I spend WAY too much time parked in front of the television. I can't help myself! There are too many good shows out there! Maybe since all these season finalies are coming up, I can finally be set free from my TV prison & enjoy the nice weather & family time.

I feel the same way in May - glad that TV is over, thus confirming my addiction. Having a DVR is a blessing and a curse in that way. It always records way more than I can actually watch.
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