Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Enterprise does NOT want to pick you up!

But they will when threatened! My company car broke down this weekend. Yes, it's an '05. Thank you Ford! The transmission went out when my husband was driving it. So I call my fleet car service. The guy immediately arranges for a tow and service. Then he calls Enterprise. He knows most locations close at noon on Saturday and it is 11:00 a.m. I get one call back from Enterprise. They are trying to bounce me over to another location that stays open until three. OK. The other location is actually much closer to me than the original location. So after the clock ticks over to 2:30, I thought I'd better call since I hadn't heard anything. So I call the new location. The phone is answered by the manager who proceeds to tell me that she was under the impression that I was coming in on my own. Um...no. I need you guys to come & get me. "Well...we close at three, and I don't think we have time. Our computers shut down at three." Oh, really? You mean like a timed bank vault? Wow. That is SO weird that you physically cannot work late. Gee, I'd love to service more customers, but LOOK! My computer just shut down. Yeah, right. So then I start giving her directions to my house. It should not take more than 12 minutes or so to get there. She interrupts me mid-sentence and says "Just where is it that you think WE are!? It will take FOREVER to get there!". Um, yeah. THEN she wants a credit card number since the only vehicle they have is a major upgrade. IF my fleet company approves the additional amount, then fine. I called my guy at the fleet company and he FLIPPED HIS LID! He was so ticked, that I actually got a kick out of it. He called Susie McDumbBitch and tore her a new one. YES! They would be picking me up and NO! There would be no extra charge.

I wrote my company's sales coordinator to tell her how great our fleet's customer service was. It's so rare that anyone gives a damn anymore, that it's great when you get someone who actually cares.

The only bad news is that the SUV I have now is SO much nicer than my company car I am getting spoiled! Keep that Escape as lonnng as you want!

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