Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'll be Brief...

BUT...let me tell you that I almost cried in my Step class this morning. You know me...NOT a crier. Per my last post, I've been working my butt off (apparently, NOT literally). I sweat so much at the gym that it looks like I stood under the shower with my clothes on. After THREE weeks of killing myself, I got up the nerve to step onto the scale right before class. Guess what?!? I've lost ONE whole pound! ONE EFFING POUND! It's against the laws of nature and physics!!! One CANNOT sweat & aerobicize THIS much for three weeks and lose ONE POUND!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! What...the...HELLLL!!!! One week? Two weeks? Maybe not. BUT THREE WEEKS! Jesus.

Oh...that just reminded me that when my daughter got exasperated the other day she said "Jesus Christ!". Whoa. Thanks for that one honey! That is totally my husband's fault, so after a little talk with my daughter, she now dimes HIM out if he says it. Of course, this is the same guy that thinks the word "crap" is an acceptable replacement when he WANTS to say "shit". I'm like, "do you really want her saying 'crap' at preschool?" Sigh.

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