Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Movin' on Up!

Try REAL hard not to be jealous...but I get to spend the afternoon tomorrow MOVING! And the heat index is only 100! Yippee! No, I didn't get kicked out of mi casa...I'm telling my storage unit to SHOVE IT tomorrow. I found another facility much closer to my house, and the best part is: They've never been robbed! Sign me up!

So in the afternoon, I have to go rent a trailer, go to my unit, unload 10x10 worth of crap into it and then unload it into the new one. Since it's the company's money, I'm renting the trailer for 48 hours vs. 24...I mean..why kill myself? I think it will be in best interest to skip the gym in the morning, as I will be sweating like a hog in heat all afternoon. Argh.

On a happy note, I wore my "other" fat pants today. They're the ones I bought to transition INTO maternity before. Long story short, they're 2 sizes smaller than the ones I got a couple months ago. Better than a sharp stick to the eye, and hey, it's progress!

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