Thursday, June 16, 2005

Suck It, 411!

I learned a neato new trick yesterday! It was a little blurb in a magazine and when I read it, I thought.."Oh, c'mon. That won't work". Soooo I tried it...and it worked!

Instead of dialing 411 on your cell phone to get a number (which typically costs $1.25 per call) you can text message Google and they will send you what you need. All you do is type in the word "googl" (Google without the "e"...46645) as the phone number, and then type in the name of the place you want with either the city or the zip code & hit "send". About 5 seconds later you get a message back from Google with the entire address and phone number of the place you're looking for. How cool is that?! Of course, typing all that crap in takes longer than dialing 411, but when you need directory assistance as often as I do, that shit adds up!

Since I am a gadget/computer moron, it's always nice to discover a fun little trick like that, that I can actually use. Now if I can only get the VCR to stop flashing 12:00, I'll be golden!

Nifty! Great idea!
Awesome idea......thanks!!!
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