Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thin Fairy

Well, I'm still waiting for THAT bitch to show up! I've been working out (yes, even with a trainer once a week although I can hardly afford it), sweating my ASS off, eating right and taking a prescription diet pill..and...nada. I mean, I'm sure I've lost a little weight, but since I have an aversion to scales, I just go by the mirror and how clothes fit. Boy is it ever coming off slowly. I'm sure this is what happened last time, but since I've pretty much mentally blocked the first year of my daughter's existence, I can't tell ya. The giant fat "work pants" (black slacks) I bought have been taken in once, but are still huge. I had a real thrill today when I stepped onto an elevator that had mirrors all the way around. I got to enjoy a rather stark view of my enormous backside all the way to the fourth floor! And the worst part was, from the FRONT, I thought the work clothes I had pulled together looked "OK". Mmmm.

My biggest fear this time around is that my age is fighting me back. I worry that since I'm five years older than when I last did this, I won't be able to achieve or maintain any results I can live with. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I need to try to scrounge up enough clothing to take on my weekend trip to Minnesota in a few weeks for a friend's wedding. I could wear the same thing I wore to my cousin-in-law's wedding last weekend, but at some point in time, I realized the skirt I had on made me look like I was trying to smuggle two pigs fighting under a blanket, so maybe not so much. I'll keep ya updated on my uphill battle. For now...it's time to go whip up another protein shake. Yummy.

This is probably not the right venue for me to say "it took 9 months to put in on......." nah, you know the restt.

At least you are able to get outside and be active with the warm weather. I am having my kid in OCTOBER and will have to endure TWO Calorie Laden Holidays shortly thereafter. I can't wait for my fat ass to be sitting around on cold bitter days just getting fatter, fatter, fatter......
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