Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birthday Madness

TWO little girl birthday parties this weekend. That makes three in the past 2 weeks. I'm OVER it! If I hear one more little girl screaming (including my own) my brain may melt completely. Or has it already? I show up at my friend's house this afternoon with foofy, girly gift in tow. I ring the doorbell and...nothing. No answer. OH MAN! I bet the party was YESTERDAY! I had only received a verbal invite. All I could think about was the whining I was gonna hear on the way home. So I call her cell phone and her husband answered. "OK...am I a tard? Was the party yesterday?". No, he tells me. They were having it right then. Someplace else. AHHHH! The minute he said it, I knew I had already been told. The information was simply NOT in my head. So we raced over the gymnastics place where the party was being held. I slowed down so my daughter could get out, then I raced to Target to grab her some shorts and a t-shirt. She'd chosen a dress to wear to the party. Of course.

I really, truly feel retarded right now. My brain thinks it's on drugs. Mushy oatmeal. I have been catching myself asking really dumb questions lately. Forgetting things. Ignoring things. SPACEY! I guess I can chalk it up to new baby/hormone stuff but JEEZ!

So if I trail off, ask a stupid questions or say something inappropriate, just ignore me...it may or may not get better any day now!

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